Welcome to the TRAVORS project!

Are you:

  • working in a public, private or third sector organization supporting disabled people into work?

Are you looking for:

  • Access to cutting-edge vocational rehabilitation training?
  • Opportunities for career development?
  • Flexible and innovative skills training?

If so, you may find the TRAVORS project helpful.

The TRAining for VOcational Rehabilitation Services project (TRAVORS) was created to develop innovative, flexible training opportunities for service providers in the European rehabilitation sector.

The reasons for the project are the continuing high rate of unemployment among people with disabilities, and the need to increase the effectiveness of public, private and NGO employment support services.

The target groups are: personal employment advisors, career guidance and employment advisors of state, private and NGO businesses working to place people with disabilities into employment, and health and social welfare and NGO officers.

More information can be obtained from the project partners, who will be able to help you access the courses and decide on whether they suit your needs.

TRAVORS is financed by the Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Program.