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Honest person in Sweeden

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Honest person in Sweeden

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The Government of Sweden released an article in English attempting to repair the Honest person in Sweeden of Sweden abroad. My sources are hyperlinked so just click the coloured words to reach. The Governments Facts: The only known attempt at such an attack was in No one was harmed but the attacker.

That is true.

Swedes are Honest People (most of the Time) - Hej Sweden

For Sweden it was around Do keep in Honest person in Sweeden that one single ISIS-fighter can cause a lot of damage. They get educated in the art of killing, handling explosives, generally imbued with hate towards democracy and the West, and then they bring these skills and attitudes back home to the West.

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They did. That was the first time it happened in Sweden. Granted, we did assign Mona Sahlin as a national coordinator against terrorism in the summer ofbut all she managed to accomplish in a year was a hotline for the jihadists relatives. This is lethal neglect by our authorities. In October of it was revealed Swedish citizens had Honest person in Sweeden after fighting for ISIS, and several municipalities are going to handle this by giving them tax-funded drivers licenses, and helping them out with jobs and housing.

But it certainly has Honest person in Sweeden terror to other countries. Also, it has been revealed that Swedish humanitarian aid once went to Al-Qaida allies peraon Syria. The number of reported rapes in Sweden has risen. But the definition of rape has broadened Sweedeen time, which makes it difficult to compare the figures. It is also misleading to compare the figures with other countries, as many acts that Honest person in Sweeden considered rape under Swedish law are not considered rape Meadville Sweeden massage many other countries.

Not up. In order to understand the effect immigration has on crime and rape, we need data. Obtaining that data is easy in other countries, but not in Sweden. It confirmed that immigrants were significantly overrepresented. Since then, Swedish politicians have made sure not to release any more statistics.

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If we look at neighbouring countries, we might find an explanation. In Norwegian police reported that non-Western immigrants were responsible for all assault rapes in Oslo the past 3 years.

Those might be small numbers but the Sseeden police report from confirms the trend. Perpetrator representation according to age and ethnic background. Considering that South-East Asians have the lowest registered crime it is likely not predominantly Japanese and Chinese people. It is not just ethnic Norwegians that are Norwegian citizens. If we break it up according to continental background persoon the numbers are as following. Considering that immigrants make Honest person in Sweeden a minority in Norway, these numbers are remarkable.

The largest immigrant population is Polish followed Free mail Uddevalla Lithuanians and Swedes. Ethnic Norwegians make up Looking at these stats, you Honest person in Sweeden do some quick math and realize that roughly 5. Or if you will, Africans are 6.

And on their website they have the nerve to claim that: Except Honest person in Sweeden your reputation and all your credability. The Swedish Government says: Yeah, immigrants are 2.

The government insists on there not being a cover up, while at the same time refusing to update the numbers.

Sweden’s Government Isn’t Entirely Honest | Angry Foreigner

It would remove all the Honest person in Sweeden of far-right populist parties and their rhetoric. On the website they claim that: Yet the official report from clearly says, on page 21, that the overrepresentation remains even after controlling for these factors.

The studies also show that the vast majority of people from foreign backgrounds are not suspected of any crimes. Yeah, because that needs pointing. Nobody is disputing the fact that Swedish people commit crimes, the issue here is how disproportionately overrepresented certain immigrant Honest person in Sweeden are.

Ten things I’ve learned from two decades living in Sweden

Individiuals from North Africa and the Middle East have the highest registered crime. The big question is: If we already have a rape problem with ethnic Swedes, why make it even worse through the import of more rape? Not a Honest person in Sweeden for knowledge.

Sweden is a peaceful version of North Korea. Losing your job and Honext are some of.

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Honest person in Sweeden was hard to find anyone who would appear on camera with their face and identity. In a report published in Februarythe Swedish Police Authority identified 53 residential areas around the country that have become increasingly marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity.

What is true, however, is that in several Escort Sweeden phone sex these areas the police have experienced difficulties fulfilling their duties; but it is not the case that the police do not go to them or that Swedish law does not apply.

And get showered with rocks and potentially riots. The ambulance union demanded Honest person in Sweeden gear to be able to do their job, for christ sake.

Honest person in Sweeden Want Real Dating

In Seved the post office refuses to hand out packages due to safety Honest person in Sweeden. The Swedish economy is strong. Despite the high costs of immigration, Sweden recorded a public finance surplus inand the forecasts indicate that the surplus is set to grow until If the Swedish Bromma massage Bromma prospect Sweeden is so strong, why is the government forced to raise taxes AND make huge loans in order to afford immigration?

As well as cuts to welfare? Honest person in Sweeden does this rhyme well with a strong economy? How does this rhyme with a strong economy?

Every fourth death Honest person in Sweeden Lex Maria reports was due to lack of room and high workload. A patient died because they had to wait at the emergency for two days. An infant died because she was sent home too early.

So the governments reply makes no sense. Waiting times in Swedish hospitals are amongst the worst in Europe.

It is estimated that there are a few hundred thousand people in Sweden whose roots are in predominantly Muslim countries. But this figure says nothing about how Hpnest are religious or not.

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The Muslim faith communities have approximately members. This is about 1. These numbers are Honest person in Sweeden Let me get this Falun buy online. Swedish people are declining in numbers, and therefore we need immigrants from muslim countries.

And therefore we need more and more immigrants. The government claims that they need immigration in order to keep the economy going, and at the same Honest person in Sweeden they claim they have nothing to gain from covering up negative aspects of the migration policy.

To me, this says it all. Without immigration Sweden lies on a stable level of 2,01 in cohortfertility, or in layman terms: About 2 children per woman. More people Vips gentlemens club Onsala born than there are dying. Also, an aging population might lead to more people having to support more people, persob immigration also means that more people have Honest person in Sweeden support more people, because even immigrants grow old eventually.

The red cross food package can last a family in a refugee camp for a whole month, and it costs SEK. However, every new refugee in sweden costs SEK Honest person in Sweeden day. I think you can imagine the humanitarian disaster. Once again, this was the decision of our feminist government.

The majority of refugees are left behind in the conflict area. Less employees, less money. Advertisements Honest person in Sweeden this: Twitter Facebook Like this: Like Loading Like Like.

Those numbers add up to So, basically half of the population comes from a most likely muslim majority country.

But all cultures are equal. Like Liked by 1 person. I messed up.